One Deck Dungeon brings the dungeon-crawling card game to iPad and Android

By , on May 25, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

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Distilling the dice rolls and skills of tabletop RPG to its mechanical essentials, One Deck Dungeon is a new RPG, with board game elements, now available on iOS and Android.

A digital version of the Kickstarted card game, One Deck Dungeon drops your hero - choosen from several classes - into a gauntlet of monsters and traps, with only your dice, skills, and items to survive. Choosing from four corridors per flor, where an armored skeleton or deadly spike pit might lurk, you use the values of your rolled dice to activate special perks against incoming danger. Each stat offers a corresponding colored dice, so the warrior might receive five dice to place in strength-paced abilities while an archer might have more agility dice. 

Encounters essentially feel like tricky resource-balancing puzzles, figuring how to use the limited dice and skills at hand to overcome foes and hazards. With five dungeons, five classes, persistent upgrades that last between playthroughs, and an available expansion that adds a new dungeon, One Deck Dungeon offers a wealth of strategic gameplay. The game can be purchased for $8.99, for iPad and Android tablets.