Worse Than Death is out now to scare the pants off you

By , on July 4, 2019

Worse Than Death is indie dev Benjamin Rivers’ follow-up to his classic murder mystery game Home. It’s a spine-tingling horror title that puts you in the unfortunate shoes of a high-school student called Holly.

Something awful has been stalking Holly and her best friend, and nobody seems to be able to help. By exploring her weird home town, solving its many puzzles, and dodging its new, monstrous inhabitants, you’ll gradually uncover the murder mystery-style truth behind what’s going on.

There are eight distinct locations to explore, each with its own challenges to overcome and monsters to steer well clear of. You’ll need to exercise patience and remain stealthy when in the domain of the game’s creatures. The slightest sound can draw their attention, leaving you with mere seconds to react and run for dear life.

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The smoothly animated 2D visuals look super impressive in motion, and the creepy sound effects help build a genuinely unsettling atmosphere. The game’s developer, Benjamin Rivers, has his stamp all over this one, even down to the way you can influence the narrative by making decisions throughout the story.

Worse Than Death is already earning some pretty great reviews, having only been out now for a few days. It’s currently priced at £3.99, which, for a quality experience like this, isn’t half bad. So go check it out and scare yourself silly.