Stranger Things 3: The Game is a brilliant, old-school adventure

By , on July 8, 2019

The newly released Stranger Things 3: The Game serves up an old-school adventure where you play through the events of the third season of Netflix's hit sci-fi show Stranger Things. It’s fairly reminiscent of something like Zombies Ate My Neighbours, with its straightforward combat and appealing, pixelated visuals.

This one’s perfect for fans of the show looking to take a deeper dive into the latest series, but it should still appeal to those who can’t tell a Demogorgan from a Mind Flayer.

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Pocket Gamer, our sister site, reviewed BonusXP’s adaption of the first season of Stranger Things, Stranger Things: The Game, back in 2015, praising its pixel art visuals and ability to scratch “that classic, arcade itch”.

The town of Hawkins is really the perfect place to go exploring, with endless mysteries to uncover and monsters to fight. Combat is likely to be fairly simple, though each character is given their own special abilities to keep things fresh. It also lets you tinker about with character upgrades and other such RPG-lite mechanics.

The plan is to bring Stranger Things 3: The Game over to iOS and Android at some point, likely later this year. For now, a Switch version will more than suffice. You’ll find it over on the Nintendo eShop for £15.99 – not bad at all for what seems to be a fairly substantial experience.