inbento is a delightful food-based puzzler from the team behind Golf Peaks

By , on July 10, 2019

inbento is an upcoming puzzler from the team behind Golf Peaks that sees you learning how to put together increasingly elaborate bento boxes. It draws plenty of inspiration from striking Japanese aesthetics and, of course, bento cuisine itself.

The game requires you to master some tricky cookery mechanics. You’ll gradually grow more skilled at putting together each meal and eventually even learn to develop your own hand-crafted recipes. It also tells a heartwarming tale about a family of cats, exploring the theme of parenthood in simple and wordless, though still impactful, ways.

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You can expect a tight and concise puzzle game with around 2+ hours of memorable and fun gameplay. This is pretty much in keeping with Afterburn’s previous game, the wonderfully inventive Golf Peaks.

Visually, inbento is just perfect for mobile, with soft colours and a clean, minimalist style that just looks lovely.

It’s set for release on Android and iOS on September 6th. The game’s App Store and Google Play pages are now up if you’d like to pre-order, and it’s currently listed at the very fair price of $2.99. This one looks great, and Golf Peaks was one of the best games of last year, so I’m very optimistic.