Platform shooter Project Zero Deaths delivers high-octane thrills

By , on July 11, 2019

The explosive platform shooter Project Zero Deaths, currently in open beta, has just received a sizable update that adds some new game modes, maps, and other exciting features.

It’s a demanding physics-based shooter with light platforming that sees you dodging attacks, returning enemy fire with your own, and hopping around the place to get any sort of tactical advantage. There are tons of cosmetic items to collect, and you’ll also have the option to customise your ever-expanding arsenal.

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The current game modes on offer include Bomb Delivery, Payload, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Ring Collecting. This latest update introduces 4 new maps: Temple, Factory, Obelisk, and Catell. They add to an already impressive 26 playable maps.

Project Zero Deaths is available now for download over on the App Store (in Testflight) and Google Play (in open beta). It’s free to play and looks like a ton of explosive fun, so head over to your respective store to be one of the first to try it out.