Biggest update yet for Pirates Outlaws adds new pirates and an arena mode

By , on July 17, 2019

Pirates Outlaws, the popular roguelike card game from developer Fabled Game, has now received its biggest update yet, adding new pirates and an extensive, intense arena mode. The update is available now for all players on Android and iOS.

The arena mode gathers together every relic, card, and enemy from the main game for a complete, exceedingly challenging experience. It’s a stage-based mode where you’ll occasionally take on boss-type enemies. There’s no AP to manage or map to rely on, so you’ll instead be given a variety of pre-selected actions at the start of every battle.

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The arena comes with its own new rewards, so you won’t just be collecting the exact same repute, gold, and cards from the single-player portion. It also adds new cosmetic skins to collect, unlockable trophies, and several special upgrades.

This latest update adds 2 new pirates, bringing the total up to 8. As you’ll know if you’ve already given it a go, Pirates Outlaws’ pirates include Sword Master, Gunner, Cursed Captain, Explorer, Admiral, Carpenter, Musician, and Alchemist. Every one of those has their own pre-made deck of 10 cards and a unique special ability.

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I like that the arena seems like such an extensive addition, and it sounds ideal for those who’ve already unlocked and achieved everything in the single-player and multiplayer portions.

If you’re yet to give it a try, you can nab Pirates Outlaws for £0.89 from the App Store or £0.89 from Google Play.