Stick Fight: The Game delivers chaotic stick man brawling to iOS and Android

By , on July 24, 2019

Landfall and NetEase Games have brought chaotic stick man brawling to iOS with the mobile port of the duo’s 2017 hit, Stick Fight: The Game. This updated version of the intense multiplayer brawler reworks the controls and serves up the entire Stick Fight experience for on-the-go play. It sees you facing off against your most powerful rivals in explosive 2-to-4-player battles. 

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In the world of Stick Fight, there are no rules. You have a handful of mischievous options open to you at any one time. You could, for example, deafen and confuse your fellow players by blasting heavy weaponry around the arena, throwing everyone off guard. Or you could trick them into throwing themselves off the stage. Want to stay as far back as possible from your enemies? Well, why not take the high ground and lob a few knives their way.

It’s vitally important that you learn to manoeuvre around the environment quickly and effectively while dodging myriad bullets and explosions – fast reaction times will come in exceptionally handy here.

At your disposal is a varied and deadly selection of weapons that are randomly placed around each arena. You have the option to customise both your stick man and the map itself in order to keep things fresh and fun. For those looking for a challenge, there are also collectable hidden achievements to earn.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is now available for download over on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s perfect for those with a wicked sense of humour or anyone looking for some hectic multiplayer fun.