Playerless: One Button Adventure is a comedic 'game within a game'

By , on July 25, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 2 months ago

Playerless: One Button Adventure is an upcoming puzzler that sees you entering the world of an old arcade game to fix its many bugs and wrestle back control from its newly self-aware AI. It comes to us from developer Moonlit, and it’s headed to iOS and Android later this year.

Playerless is a “game within a game” in the sense that your character is actually playing this old ghost-hunting title that’s been abandoned inside a run-down arcade. You’ll have to try to fix some ridiculous bugs as you go while the world around you collapses in on itself.

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The arcade cabinet has been left in such a state of disrepair that only one of its buttons still functions, meaning you only have one input with which to solve puzzles. Everything works around either tapping or holding the one button, so it’s a perfect match for on-the-go play.

It’s got a great sense of humour, with plenty of silly bugs to gawk at and oddball NPCs to encounter. Also – sheep.

Moonlit has just released another trailer for the game which shows off puzzles from all three acts as well as the different explorable areas. In the mix, you'll see an eerie mine, a friendly farm, and a crumbling house. And it’s all brought to life through a cute, low-poly art style that works well with the game’s sense of humour.

You can expect to Playerless: One Button Adventure pop up on both the App Store and Google Play later this year. There’s still no word as to whether it’s going to be free to play or premium, though it’s likely to be the latter.