Tori is Bandai Namco's mobile-bound answer to Nintendo Labo

By , on July 26, 2019

Tori, Bandai Namco’s mobile-bound answer to Nintendo Labo, mixes customisable, craftable toys with a selection of quirky mini-games. The first pack, known as the ‘Explorer Pack’, will release on October 2nd, and a new trailer for the pack lays out exactly what you can expect from the Tori experience.

Unsurprisingly, it’s all very Labo-like, with small customisable carboard figures to collect and build. In the first pack, there’s a spacecraft and a functioning mini-catapult. One of the things that sets Tori apart is the strange plastic board and ‘wand’ that you can use to manipulate the environment in some of the mini-games.

Each of the toys looks easily customisable and, from what I’ve seen, a whole lot easier to put together than the more complex Labo designs. It seems like kids won’t need to rely so much on their parent’s input in order to have fun crafting the various Tori toys.

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The games included in the first pack are fairly varied. From the fast-paced action of Crystal Maze to the calming sandbox building of Supreme Builder, there seems to be something here for all moods and players. Other games include the catapult puzzler Jungle Rescue and the perspective-shifting Shades of Light.

As you might have guessed, more games will gradually be added over time for both iOS and Android. You can pre-order the Explorer Pack ahead of its launch on October 2nd over on the game’s official site. It’ll set you back a fairly substantial £149, though that does include everything you’ll need to get started.