Flocc is a unique game all about controlling an ever-growing flock of birds

By , on July 31, 2019

Joe Lillington’s Flocc is quite unlike anything else on the App Store. It’s a strange, meditative experience all about controlling an ever-growing flock of birds. Your flock will initially consist only of starlings, though as you progress, you’ll gradually pick up other stragglers.

The silhouetted landscapes are striking and distinct in their look despite being randomly generated. Its controls are straightforward, with impressive patterns being possible through simple swipes and taps.

Those looking for a bit more of a challenge will be happy to hear that there are 30 logbook achievements to earn as you work your way through the game’s world. There’s also a neat screenshot mode which allows you to capture pics of your flock and the weird and wonderful patterns you’ve created.

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Flocc aims to be a relaxing and meditative experience. From what I’ve seen, it achieves this in part due to its deeply atmospheric soundtrack from UK-based band The Hardy Tree whose music ends up being the perfect fit.

Developer Joe Lillington is an artist and an author. You can check out some of his work over on his official site. He released Flocc all the way back in February, but it’s drawn a second wave of praise and popularity due to videos of it circulating on Twitter.

If you like the sound of this one, you’ll find it available for download now over on the App Store. It’s priced at £1.99, so you thankfully won’t have any pop-up ads ruining the relaxing mood.