Bulbware's gross-out dungeon crawler Poopdie launches December 12th for iOS and Android

By , on November 27, 2019
Last modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Bulbware's long-in-development dungeon crawler Poopdie is set to launch onto the App Store and Google Play on December 12th. The game takes plenty of cues from the likes of The Binding of Isaac, though its poo and fart-obsessed story and sense of humour seem to be targeting a slightly younger audience.

It sees you playing as a young worm called Poopdie. He lives in a world where everyone now finds it impossible to defecate or let out so much as a small fart. Naturally, this results in many folks being slightly grumps and often aggressive.

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Now fed up with being picked on for his stunning ability to fart, Poopdie heads out to discover the truth behind this widespread affliction and ultimately save the world. Gameplay sees you mixing together foods then crapping out units to defend you from roaming bums. It sounds fairly straightforward, and I can't imagine it'll be quite as challenging as, say, Ed McMillen's classic.

One thing that's drawn plenty of people to Poopdie is that YouTuber PewDiePie lends his vocal talents to the game. I'm not sure how much he features in the game proper, but he acted as the narrator for its initial teaser trailer.

If you're a fan of the popular YouTuber, or if you've played and enjoyed Bulbware's Bulb Boy, you might want to check this one out when it launches for iOS and Android on December 12th. You can find more info on the game over on its Facebook page or the dev's official site