Dragon Raja, the epic fantasy MMORPG, is now open for pre-registration

By , on December 5, 2019
Last modified 7 months ago

Dragon Raja is an ambitious MMORPG which presents the player with a sprawling open world to explore. While it may be set in what looks like a distant future, the story revolves around ancient dragons who once ruled the earth.

After a lengthy slumber, they are slowly returning to reclaim their territory, and so, rushed for time and underpowered, a select group of humans merge with dragons to use their immense strength against them. The news today is that the game has now opened for pre-registration for iOS and Android.

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Visually, it's all really rather impressive, easily rivalling the best-looking MMOs on mobile. It's also said to offer a ton of varied content, from basketball mini-games to races. Most of your time will be spent working through missions and the game's many dungeons. The PvP mode supports up to 100 players, meaning you'll have the chance to engage in large-scale battles.

Throughout the pre-registration period, you'll be able to unlock special rewards for your future Dragon Raja characters. The items up for grabs include the Gold Hero Key (unlocks at 500,000 pre-registrations), an exclusive title (unlocks at 2 million pre-registrations), and the epic Flamingo Sporty Refit Model mount (unlocks at 3 million pre-registrations).

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This one's been in the works for some time, and fans in the west have had to wait even longer for an English language version to appear. If you fancy checking it out, you'll find Dragon Raja available for pre-registration on both the App Store and Google Play.