Secret Oops! is an AR co-op game available now for Apple Arcade

By , on January 31, 2020
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Secret Oops! is an AR co-op actioner where you'll be challenged to make sure the "world's dumbest spy" isn't detected. It comes to us from developer Mixed Bag, and it's now available to all Apple Arcade subscribers.

With a mysterious threat slowly rising, an agency of spies run by robot pigeons is given the task of saving the day. They send Special Agent Charlies, who is simultaneously a great spy and still monstrously dumb. Without your help, he'll trigger all sorts of traps, security cameras, and deadly guards.

You'll need to plan ahead and execute your plan with skill if you're to succeed: smart communication is vital. There are currently two distinct worlds and 35 tricky levels for up to four players to tackle.

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"We wanted the players to interact with each other, to move, to talk, to cooperate in a spontaneous way, and to bring the gameplay outside the screen. It’s a very physical game", said Mauro Fanelli, Mixed Bag Creative Director and CEO.

The game has a great sense of humour and a surprising level of polish to its overall presentation. The AR functionality is powered by ARKit 3. Mixed Bag plans to add more levels and mechanics over time.

You'll find Secret Oops! available for download now over on the App Store.