Chester's Adventure is a cute puzzler set in an impressive hand-drawn world

By , on February 5, 2020
Last modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago

The newly-released Chester's Adventure is a cute, casual puzzler that sees you playing as Chester the bear as he explores an impressive hand-drawn world. His quest is ultimately to restore Laleille, his homeland, to its former glory by pushing back against the Lord of Chaos.

How does he plan to do this? By solving a series of increasingly tricky jigsaw puzzles, of course.

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The more puzzles you solve and stages you clear, the more resources you'll earn. You'll use these to purchase new parts for your airship, which makes traversing the world easy and fun.

You can alter the look of the airship and eventually give it some special powers. The 'Ursa', as it's known, is said to be a big part of the experience that will prove vital during your adventure. If you're especially proud of your creation, you can snap pictures of your ship and share them online with friends.

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If you find yourself without any more puzzles to complete, you can always replay them to earn new rewards as part of the Memory Lane mode. Completing puzzles at a higher difficulty setting will naturally net you better rewards, and remember that some secret stages will only appear when specific criteria are met.

If you like the sound of a relaxing, well-presented jigsaw puzzler, you'll find the free-to-play Chester's Adventure available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.