Dire Wolf's digital adaptation of Sagrada launches for iOS and Android on March 31st

By , on March 21, 2020
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Developer Dire Wolf's latest is a colourful adaptation of Floodgate Games' Sagrada. This one sees you attempting to craft your very own stained-glass masterpiece while dealing with the challenging demands of your patrons.

The idea is that you'll take turns selecting from various colourful dice before placing them in your window. The challenge stems from having to select your dice carefully while taking into consideration restrictions on both colour and the number on your die. Once all is said and done, the player with the most beautiful window will be declared the victor.

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Thankfully, you'll have a number of tools to help alter the dice available to you. This opens up additional avenues of strategy as you battle it out against either AI or an online opponent.

Dire Wolf is the team behind the excellent adaptation of Raiders of the North Sea, which our sister site Pocket Gamer awarded a glorious Platinum Rating. That certainly bodes well for Sagrada, as do the glowing user reviews from the game's early access period.

Sagrada is set to launch for iOS and Android later this month on March 31st. More info can be found over on Dire Wolf's official site