Apple Arcade games Dead End Job, Explottens, and Redout: Space Assault get major updates

By , on May 2, 2020
Last modified 3 months, 1 week ago

This week saw the release of an all-new Apple Arcade game, the stylish Neversong, as well as several updates for older titles.

Explottens, the twin-stick shooter 'em up, got a tricky survival mode that pits you against progressively more challenging waves of enemies and bosses. It's said to be a fun way to earn extra coins and upgrade your arsenal.

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Redout: Space Assault's latest update improves the game's battle system, boosting the speed of player missiles, reducing the cooldown period between launches, and increasing the speed of your ship. This should also make it easier than ever to quickly change direction or perform evasive manoeuvres in the heat of intense battle.

On top of the gameplay enhancements, an epilogue chapter has now been added that tasks you with taking on the heart of the Poseidon fleet, the all-powerful Trylobite Capital ship.

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Dead End Job is the third and final game to be updated this week. The "Snacks & Attacks" content drop introduces 10 new items, including collectable weapons, tasty treats, and other consumables.

For me, this latest batch of additions is pretty solid, topping off what was an all-around solid month for Apple Arcade. If you fancy finding out what the service is all about, you can try it for free or subscribe for $4.99 a month.