Mindcell is a story-driven sci-fi shooter pitched somewhere between Deus Ex and Cyberpunk 2077

By , on July 2, 2020
Last modified 2 years, 1 month ago

Mindcell, not to be confused with the legendarily iffy MindJack, is a sci-fi third-person shooter pitched somewhere between Deus Ex and Cyberpunk 2077. You'll be cast as an unwilling science experiment who bursts free of his unenviable fate to discover the truth behind his current predicament. 

The only problem is that those who sentenced him to death are still on the hunt, all too happy to do anything and everything to get him back. You can expect a story-driven single-player experience with a heavy focus on brutal combat, mixing heavy gunplay with vicious melee fights.

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When you're not chatting with NPCs or laying the smackdown, there are small puzzles to solve that should help break up the action and add a bit of variety to the overall experience.

Developer Ray Spark has worked to optimise Mindcell for mobile devices, adding the ability to tune performance to your liking. The touchscreen controls aim to be simple and intuitive, and there's also gamepad support at launch.

Mindcell is now available for purchase from over on the App Store and Google Play as a premium game priced at $1.99.