Invictus: Lost Soul slices and dices its way onto iOS and Android in select regions

By , on August 24, 2020
Last modified 3 years, 10 months ago

Invictus: Lost Soul first drew me in because it looks a little bit like Infinity Blade. That's all it takes, apparently. On closer inspection, however, it became clear that this is a fundamentally different experience, delivering a mix of card-based strategy and real-time battling.

The news today is that it's finally launched for iOS and Android in select regions, including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

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The basic idea is that you'll duke it out with a rival player in mobile-friendly multiplayer matches. Your moves and abilities are dictated by your current deck, so it's not all about fast-paced reaction times and spamming attacks. Each card represents a specific move or ability, such as strikes, blocks, and special powers.

This means that you'll have to carefully balance your deck so as not to spoil your chances before it even comes time to start swinging your almighty sword, club, or axe.

If you do quite fancy giving it a try, you'll find Invictus: Lost Soul available for download now as a free-to-play game from both the App Store and Google Play. That said, you'll of course have to be based in one of the supported regions mentioned above.