Triviatopia Run, a trivia infinite-runner, sprints onto mobiles

By , on September 30, 2020
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

The animated series Triviatopia now has an infinite runner mobile game for iOS and Android.

Triviatopia Run is a runner platformer from etermax in which you play as characters from the popular series as they partake in various runs across their vibrant world. In it you must run in a straight line down three lanes, jumping or sliding to avoid obstacles as you collect coins to improve your score and become a champion.

Triviatopia, the show, is based on an earlier mobile game called Trivia Crack which features a whole cast of colourful characters that reappear in this game; the warm geographer Tito, the persevering athlete Bonzo, the inspiring artist Tina, the heroic historian Hector, the entertainment expert Pop and the brilliant scientist Alison.

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You can begin the game with Tito but will unlock more characters to run with as you level up with your coins. These alternative characters will also allow you to access power-ups that improve your runs such as being able to jump higher, attract more coins, or double the score.

Trivia Crack was introduced in 2013 as a free mobile game that had players challenge their friends in a spin-the-wheel type of trivia rounds. It’s had more than 500 million worldwide downloads available across 180 countries, ranking at the top spot for trivia games in many of them. The kid-friendly nature of it led to the animated series Triviatopia, which is available to watch on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. It follows a group of friends who embark on intriguing journeys to solve questions about ourselves and the planet. Triviatopia Run will be etermax’s 7th launch of the year and brings an easy-to-play model with vibrant graphics ideal for any fans of the show.

You can download Triviatopia Run for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.