Arcade shooter Blowie out now on iOS and Android

By , on October 5, 2020
Last modified 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Blowie is an indie arcade shooter that’s just landed on the iOS and Google Play.

In it, you play as a little angry yellow guy named Blowie, as he navigates around a top-down 2D space, blowing deadly balls at his enemies and dodging their fire.

We’re, uh, admittedly not quite sure what to make of the title on this one, but it looks to be a shoot ‘em up bullet hell that has you constantly darting behind cover and vanquishing your enemies as fast as possible. The controls have been simplified to allow you to use one finger on your mobile device to run and shoot, while also making it hard to master due to the sheer difficulty of each stage.

The art style is simple, but the overall look is vibrant as many sprites and colours pop out from the background. There are 51 unique levels included, and while there is a smooth difficulty curve, beating them all requires a lot of patience and skill. There’s also a leaderboard feature so you can compare your time and score with other players from across the globe.

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Blowie is created by Bradley Fischer, an independent developer who started creating games for iOS last year called Math Shark and Math Bunny. This game is the result of Fischer having more time on his hands during the COVID-19 lockdown in Madrid, where he decided to create something more fun and ambitious.

Fischer was inspired by the shoot 'em ups he used to play in the ‘80s as a child, but he also wanted to make it more accessible to a wider audience. He recommends the game to anyone who enjoys shoot ‘em ups, retro gaming or simple gameplay.

You can download Blowie for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.