Match-3 puzzler Suit Up launches on iOS

By , on October 12, 2020
Last modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Suit Up is a match-3 puzzler with Solitaire inspiration that’s just landed on iOS.

Utilising a cute colourful aesthetic, you have to match up different suits of cards and making use of the different rows they take up. The vibrant but simple art style simply looks magnificent, but the gameplay itself looks to be delivering all sorts of difficulty.

To keep things fresh, there’s a system in place in which you can come back every day for a new game bonus and see if you can defeat your previous high score. Altogether, there are four game modes to play in: Normal is an endless mode in which you see how long you can go on for by matching suits and card numbers, and there’s an accompanying hard mode with more challenging decks. One Deck only gives you a single 52 card deck, so it becomes a case of seeing how much you can score with such a limited set. Timed mode challenges you to stay alive for as long as possible with a ticking timer looming over you, and you must play fast to keep the score up.

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"It’s purely developed by me. I work as a designer but create games in my spare time,” said developer Mikkel Christiansen. “My goal was to create a game that was easy to pick-up and play on the go while having enough depth to keep players coming back. The game took its first major leap when I began exploring merging genres. I could couple the addictive simplicity of match-3 games with the replay-ability of solitaire games.

“Creating an experience greater than the sum of its parts. This made sure I could design for my game design goals and helped focus the design space. From here followed the usual design process of indie-game design: sketching, art exploration, competitor research, prototyping, development, user testing and marketing.”

You can download Suit Up from the iOS App Store.