PAC-MAN GEO is a new twist on an old favourite, out now for mobile

By , on October 15, 2020
Last modified 9 months, 1 week ago

Bandai Namco has released a new PAC-MAN game for iOS and Android, this time taking you to the maze of city grids from around the world.

PAC-MAN GEO is the latest in a long line of successful PAC-MAN games, with the yellow mascot now hitting the streets of real-world cities in search of landmarks and other sightseeing spots.
Featuring the streets of New York, Tokyo and Paris, as well as many other places in between thanks to an integrated Google Maps function, PAC-MAN is touring the world and visiting these popular tourist destinations both big and small.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a PAC-MAN game without Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde in pursuit, and with these new mazes based on real-world cities being a key focus, it’s bound to create some new interesting scenarios that even veterans of the franchise will find surprising. As well as that, power pellets, fruit and high scores are here, as they are also a staple of the brand.

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The release of PAC-MAN GEO coincides with the original arcade game’s 40th anniversary in the United States, which will occur next month in November. Since its original 1980 release, the game has received countless ports, remasters and remakes onto other systems, as well as many other iterations in other genres and media forms.

“PAC-MAN GEO is breaking the traditional concept of the PAC-MAN maze and allows PAC-MAN to be played in real locations around the world for the first time ever in its 40 year history,” says Dennis Lee from Bandai Namco. “As PAC-MAN continues to celebrate his 40th anniversary in 2020, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is finding ever more innovative and fun ways to create new PAC-MAN experiences for fans young and old to play. We hope PAC-MAN GEO will be another example of a memorable collaboration with Google and one fans will enjoy immensely.”

PAC-MAN GEO is available to download for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.