Ferocious runner Shinobi Run Endless available now on iOS

By , on November 10, 2020
Last modified 2 months ago

There’s a new contender on the endless runner market this week, and it comes from indie developer Quadrilateral Games. Shinobi Run Endless brings a more mature approach to the genre, adding in blood and gore to the typical endless lane running gameplay loop. It’s currently available on iOS but only in the United States, and more regions should be rolled out soon.

Shinobi Run Endless puts you on a path of vengeance as you embark on a bloodthirsty journey to confront an enemy clan about the death of your family. Cursed with immortality, your character has to run this horrific gauntlet an infinite amount of times, but never being able to ever reach their goal.

During play you can sprint, jump and slide which is a common theme with most games in this genre, but you’re also able to throw smoke bombs to defeat the enemies you encounter during each run, as well as utilising a targeting sensor which causes critical damage to all foes if it’s timed correctly.

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You’ll also need to be collecting time orbs as you slice and dice your way through the level. These will extend your life so you reach just that little bit further to increase your high score. There’s also a resurrection mechanic which you can see in the trailer above, giving you a second chance at the run. Is that you, Sekiro?

There’s an in-game shop where you can equip a variety of different items, and these can be mixed and matched together for a loadout that fits with how you want to play.

You can download Shinobi Run Endless from the iOS App Store, however it’s only currently available in the United States and will launch globally soon. It’s a free to play game and there are no adverts or in-app purchase.