Shoot ‘em up ChocoHunters out now on mobile

By , on November 13, 2020
Last modified 2 months ago

Indie game developer Orhan Keskin has released their shoot ‘em up ChocoHunters as a premium title for iOS and Android devices.

It’s set in a world where pirates rule the sea, but chocolate is a commodity more valuable than gold. You play as three heroes who decide to become the greatest pirate legends of all time by hunting and collecting a lot of treasure, thus becoming the eponymous ChocoHunters as they loot and pillage their way towards high chocolate prestige.

As with all adventures, there are hurdles to overcome. Enemies will try to spoil your treasure hunting by attacking you or trying to steal your loot for themselves. Keskin describes ChocoHunters as a defensive shoot ‘em up, which means you need to defeat your enemies by dodging them or deflecting their shots back to them, provided your timing is on point.

Also be sure to watch closely for the many traps scattered throughout the levels, which will reduce your life containers if you take too many deadly hits. Aside from the more action-y elements of the game, there’s also a bunch of puzzles you need to solve at various intervals in your adventure, split across three different worlds.

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Each ChocoHunter has their own individual story present which will interact with the worlds, puzzles and enemies you encounter. The trailer above shows more about what to expect from ChocoHunters, including gameplay and story.

Otherwise, you’re able to learn more about the game, characters and story by checking out the official website for more details. If you’re ready to embark on your chocolatey adventure on the seven seas, ChocoHunters is now available as a premium title over on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It will cost you $2.99 (or nearly three doubloons for the seafaring readers we have here).