Competitive basketball title Slam Dunk heads to iOS and Android later this week

By , on November 23, 2020
Last modified 2 months ago

DeNA Hong Kong is releasing Slam Dunk, a 3v3 competitive basketball game for iOS and Android devices later this week on Wednesday, and pre-registration is available now.

It’s presented as a fast-paced competitive basketball game, where there is a wide variety in the types of setups you wish to play in. For example, the standard 3v3 mode will be available while you could alternatively select 1v1 solo matches, 2v2 duos, as well as half court and full court 3v3s and full court 5v5s. If you want to play with friends, you can also form up a team to take down an opposing team with them.

When you’ve done that you can also make a bid to become the National Champion by participating in the National Tournament, which consists of a series of 3-minute matches. Check out the gameplay trailer below to see more of what Slam Dunk is all about.

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It’s based on the anime of the same name, officially licenced by Toei Animation and allows you to relive the story of the show through the game’s Story Mode. This includes more than ten chapters with scenes mirroring the original as you follow Hanamichi Sakuragi’s development from Basketball rookie to career superstar.

As you can expect from a tie-in such as this, you will be able to collect characters from the show to add to your growing selection. So you can recruit the aforementioned Sakuragi, as well as Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh, and Shinichi Maki. Each one has their own special abilities and can be further upgraded to increase their dexterity on the courts.

Are you ready to become a basketball superstar? You can play Slam Dunk on Wednesday, 25th November, by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title with in-app purchases.