Onmyoji Arena celebrates three year anniversary with new update

By , on December 22, 2020
Last modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago

NetEase Games’ Onmyoji Arena is celebrating its third birthday with a new update released on iOS and Android devices.

To thank all of the players who have supported it over the years, Onmyoji Arena will be receiving an update which gives the graphics a bit of a facelift as well as visual effects undergoing an overall upgrade to bring it more in line with the realism it wants to portray.

This means better lighting of environmental objects and items, with enhanced light and shadow harmony, as well as newly added dynamic lighting which’ll make everything feel more realistic. In addition to that, the detail and resolution of the textures on all shikigami is enhanced, making them feel truer to life. The movement of their clothes and hair will also react better to the movement and rotation of the characters themselves, ensuring that it’ll just altogether feel much more realistic.

That’s not all, as the game is also holding a special Heian Festival event which brings new skins, challenges and an expanded story to the game’s original universe.
Quite a few skins are coming back for a limited time, and you should be sure to grab Kyonshi Imoto's Anniversary skin, as well as Futakuchi's and Onikiri's cyberpunk skins. There’s also the Royal variants of Futakuchi's, Onikiri's and Yamausagi's skins, giving your shikigami a fresh makeover for the new year.

And finally, there’ll also be an all-new shikigami character joining the fray on 31st December. The details on this new addition to Onmyoji Arena has not yet been discussed by NetEase, but you’ll be able to access the content when the update drops later this month on New Year’s Eve.

You can now download Onmyoji Arena and prepare for the anniversary festivities from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play game containing in-app purchases.