Fisherman Cards Game is Solitaire-like card game out now on mobile

By , on January 6, 2021
Last modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago

BadBones Productions has released a new title, Fisherman Cards Game, today on iOS and Android devices.

In Fisherman Cards Game, you sail the seven seas, navigating these treacherous oceans in search of grand treasure. On your journey, you must battle fearsome and legendary creatures, with several boss fights and enemy creature encounters lurking throughout the ocean.

To fight these threats, you must assemble a powerful deck of cards consisting of various magical items. You have three action slots to use which provide multiple ways to use them. Please watch this trailer we’ve included below to see more of what the game looks like in motion, including glimpses of enemies you face throughout your entire adventure.

There’s also an in-game Seabook which helps you get to grips with the various enemy types and gameplay elements of Fisherman Cards Game. There’s also a bunch of weapon cards to select from, some of which include swords, flails and axes. Additionally, your deck can also include special cards such as poison and blacksmithing, for extra customisation and build variety.

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Altogether there are 21 creatures to fight and seven bosses, meaning there’s quite a bit of variety in case you’re worried about the content feeling a bit thin. The animated parchment-like visual style also looks very appealing to anyone who fancies their mobile games aiming for a stylised artistic flair over a realistic one.

Fisherman Cards Game is developed by BadBones Production, which is also known as independent developer Ciro Manna. Their previous work includes the dystopian card game Revolt which launched on mobile last year, and the retro jazz puzzler WoodPads.

If this sounds like something you fancy checking out, you can play Fisherman Cards Game by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It is a premium title, costing $2.99 to access.