Mind-bending puzzler Figment coming to Android this week

By , on January 11, 2021
Last modified 2 weeks ago

Bedtime Digital Games is bringing its mind-altering puzzle game Figment to Android devices later this week, on 14th January. This occurs over a year after it was released on iOS back in 2019 and much earlier launch on PC and consoles.

Figment is a surreal puzzler where you explore the topsy-turvy nature of the human mind and unlock the mysteries held within. It uses the concept of the left and right parts of the brain in a gamified way, with two very different locations representing each half. Clockwork Town on the left features puzzles that require logical solutions, while Freedom Isles on the right requires a more imaginative approach to progressing through the game.

The art style also has a very Lewis Carroll appeal about it, as it uses wild landscapes on fantastical proportions, with distorted scenery and floating islands. If that sounds right up your street, be sure to watch this trailer showcasing some of Figment’s gameplay.

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But it’s not all just about solving puzzles and exploring the mind’s landscape, as there’s an action element to the game too. With the mind being distorted by nightmares and evil thoughts, dangerous monsters have manifested within it and are on the loose. It’s up to you to face your fears and destroy of these enemies to banish them from the mind.

Bedtime Digital Games is also known for its previous game Back to Bed, a puzzler where you guide a sleeping man through his dreams and safely into bed. It seems the studio has a penchant for designing experiences based around the unconscious mind.

In addition to its release on Google Play, Figment can also be downloaded from the iOS App Store and on Steam. It’s good to see that Android users will finally be able to play the game for themselves.