Escape room game The Pillar now available on iOS

By , on January 13, 2021
Last modified 1 week, 5 days ago

Paper Bunker has released The Pillar, a new puzzle game featuring escape room-type gameplay today for iOS devices after it was originally released on Steam in June last year.

In The Pillar, you’re trapped in a fantasy land which is made up of several small islands. In order to find a way out, you need to solve a bunch of puzzles that will allow you to escape. The game features a mix of exploration gameplay and problem-solving as you use the environment and its secrets to seek your way out.

Every island in the game has its own unique vibe, and as you uncover the secrets each ones holds you will eventually find your way out. The puzzles have a huge degree of variety in the way they’re designed, and each one requires patience as you investigate your surroundings. A common occurrence is the layout of each room changing, bringing in new challenges and opportunities for exploration. Altogether it’s like a labyrinth that changes with each new room you solve, meaning more challenges come in just as you finish others.

You can watch the trailer embedded within this article to see some more gameplay. It looks to have very big The Witness vibes with regards to its aesthetic, so if you’re a fan of that game this might provide a similar experience.

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In addition to its expanded platform availability, The Pillar’s move from PC to mobile means the control scheme has also had a readjustment to allow for the touch screen. Paper Bunker has made use of intuitive virtual joysticks, and considering the game doesn’t seem to be require any quick movements or pinpoint precision, it should be totally accessible as a casual, relaxed puzzle experience.

You can download The Pillar today from the iOS App Store. It’s a paid title costing $4.99.