Cat Colony Crisis is “Among Us with Cats”, out today on Android

By , on February 9, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 5 months ago

Devil’s Cider Games has released Cat Colony Crisis, a game about managing cats during an epidemic on a spaceship, for Android devices.

Cat Colony Crisis has you in charge of a space station full of tiny cats who have contracted a mysterious illness. It’s your job to enact the correct measures to prevent it spreading throughout the entire colony, which you do by keeping an eye on which cats show symptoms and then using the correct quarantine methods to control the spread.

Cats are infamous for having a strong streak of independence and aversion to teamwork, so that’ll make it extra hard to manage a group of sick individuals who don’t want to be managed. Check out this teaser trailer to see more.

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Cat Colony Crisis was created as part of a collaborative game jam between IndieCade, Seattle Indies and LabX called ‘Jamming the Curve’, which sought to promote “prosocial pandemic behaviours” using the digestible format of video games to battle the spread of COVID-19.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of Cat Colony Crisis during the Jamming the Curve Event,” said Paul Boyko from Devil’s Cider Games last month. “The development grant is a huge boon for an Indie developer and we’re excited to get our game into the hands of players and provide something cute, fun, but appropriate for these times of crisis.”

“The release of Cat Colony Crisis is thrilling for all of us,” said Stephanie Barish, the founder of IndieCade. “Cat Colony Crisis feels like the perfect culmination of nine months of planning Jamming the Curve — all our collaboration with experts, mentors, game designers, scientists, health specialists, and educators from across the nation. Our dream was that the game jam would make a real impact during this global pandemic, and the Devil’s Cider Games team seems en-route to realizing this dream.”

Cat Colony Crisis is out today on the Google Play store. An iOS version is coming later, but Devil’s Cider Games has not revealed when.