Action RPG Thousands Layered Edge comes to Android today

By , on February 11, 2021
Last modified 2 weeks, 6 days ago

13th Studio has released its new action RPG, Thousands Layered Edge, for Android devices today via the Google Play store for a premium price.

Thousands Layered Edge follows the story of a young assassin who sets out to prevent a civil war that’s brewing between the Imperial Army and the Rebellion Force, led by the four Kenseis.

In the game you engage in a series of combat matches where the action is controlled through various swipes and taps. Swiping with your finger handles your attacks while double-tapping the screen lets you dodge more dangerous attacks, making timing a crucial element of the game.

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For every victory that you bag, you’ll get additional experience points which can be used to gain new skills which will prove their worth later on. Enemies will also drop weapons, armour and miscellaneous equipment when they’ve been defeated so it’ll give you plenty of chances to diversify your build.

Watch the above trailer so you can check out some of the gameplay. Thousands Layered Edge also features minigames to break up the main combat sequences, which you can see below.
Most importantly, the game features an ink wash art style which is very attention grabbing and will no doubt help it garner attention on the Google Play store. You can see more of that in action in the tweet embedded into this article below.

If you want to play Thousands Layered Edge, it’s available today on the Google Play for Android store, where it is a premium title costing 89p to play.