Heroic Expedition is an upcoming Norse-inspired RPG for mobile

By , on March 5, 2021

DHGames has unveiled its new RPG for mobile devices called Heroic Expedition, which is coming to iOS and Android on 7th April.

It’s a mixture of roguelike and city builder gameplay and RPG systems, featuring an art style that is vivid and colourful. In Heroic Kingdom, you assemble a large cast of characters to battle the monsters infesting the Divine Realm and grow the kingdom.

Winning battles rewards you with items that can be spent on summoning more heroes to your army as well as upgrading your kingdom.

There are five Nordic-inspired factions featured in the game, with which you can assemble heroes from. You can collect, awaken and evolve them all, unlocking new skills for them to use on the battlefield.

But it’s not all hands-on, as there are also idle elements to the game which may suit those who don’t play regularly. You can set some activities to run while you’re offline using a non-stop idle rewards system, allowing you to reap rewards in the auto-battle mode without your direct input.

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There are two modes for combat you can participate in: PvE-style boss battles which you can do with other players formed as part of a guild, and PvP arenas where you can fight against other players located across the globe. Heroic Expedition has tailored itself to suit your preferences.

To commemorate the launch of the game next month, DHGames is allowing you to boost your rank by redeeming code HE77 for 30 Advanced Summoning Stones, and you can also log in each day for an additional 100 free draws.

You will be able to download Heroic Expedition from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store when it releases for mobile on 7th April. Pre-orders on Google Play are now live with iOS pre-registration available soon.