State of Survival and The Walking Dead crossover coming in April

By , on March 16, 2021
Last modified 1 month ago

FunPlus has partnered up with the television network AMC to bring the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead to its mobile zombie strategy State of Survival, which will see iconic characters from the television series appear in the game. The event begins on 1st April.

“We’re thrilled to partner with AMC and The Walking Dead to bring our two worlds together,” says Chris Petrovic from FunPlus. “Since launching State of Survival in August 2019, it has been our dream to allow players the opportunity to experience The Walking Dead in our game, and we’re excited to be able to deliver that to them.”

When the event begins, characters from The Walking Dead will appear in State of Survival which you can interact with and play as to help stop the overwhelming zombie masses. We do not yet know which ones from the show will appear but it's a good bet we'll be seeing beloved fan favourites crop up.

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“State of Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead present different takes on the zombie apocalypse, but they also share a lot of common themes so bringing them together was very natural,” says Clayton Neuman from AMC. “What we’ve created allows the best elements of both universes to shine, and we’re excited for the millions of fans and players around the world to experience it.”

Originating as a comic book in 2003, The Walking Dead was created by Robert Kirkman and ran for 193 issues, ending its run in 2019. AMC and Frank Darabont adapted the series as a television show in 2010, which has now produced 10 seasons and 150 episodes overall.

State of Survival’s The Walking Dead crossover event begins on 1st April, and it’ll last until October. If you want to check it out, you can download the game from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store where it is a free to play game with in-app purchases.