Three new Godzilla games are coming to mobile platforms this year

By , on March 25, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Toho Games has announced it will be bringing three new games based on the Godzilla franchise to iOS and Android later this year.

While the kaiju is closely associated with the Japanese property, these games will draw inspiration from Warner Bros. Pictures’ MonsterVerse which includes Godzilla, King Kong, King Ghidorah and Mothra among other characters.

The first game is called Run Godzilla, which is more of a pet simulator than anything else. You raise and feed kaiju to prepare them to leave your village to set out on their journey. You can check up on them after they have left the village, and it is important to raise them well enough that you can pass on their abilities to the next generation.

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The second game announced by Toho is Godzilla Destruction, which is a simple game about controlling Godzilla and destroying cities as you roam the world. The controls are basic, but it has a lot of depth in its destruction physics so it should be enjoyable to anyone who likes that kind of thing.

Finally, there’ll be a game called Godzilla Battle Line This one is a real-time strategy monster battle game where you can form your own team and fight online with and against players from across the world.

Godzilla is a Toho series of monster films featuring the eponymous radioactive creature, who has appeared in dozens of films since his first appearance since 1954, including two American remakes in 1997 and 2014 respectively. The latest film, Godzilla vs. Kong, released in cinemas this week.

Run Godzilla is available today, which you can grab from the iOS App Store or the Google Play for Android store. The others are available for pre-registration now, which you can get through the official Twitter accounts we’ve linked above.