Dead Cells, the action roguelike, receives new The Bad Seed DLC

By , on March 30, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks ago

Playdigious and Motion Twin has released a paid downloadable expansion to its mobile action roguelike, Dead Cells, on iOS and Android devices.

The Bad Seed promises to expand the lore of the Dead Cells story, adding new levels, monsters and weapons to the game which will add variety to each new run you begin. It has you exploring a relaxing arboretum, trudging through a toxic swamp, and fighting a boss in content that is intended to develop on the early game experience.

The new DLC adds new enemies to the game whom you can rip to pieces, such as the Jerkshroom or the Yeeter. With new foes come new weapons too, and you can now trim heads with the Scythe Claw or make them dance to the tune of the Rhythm n’ Bouzouki.

The new DLC boss will appear in the Nest area and she is called Mama Tick. An alternative to the Concierge, she is a large creature with a large amount of eyes, spikes and claws coming from within her large body.

Originally released for PC and console last year, Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed DLC was delayed on mobile until now. The game also has more paid content called Fatal Falls, which launched earlier this year on PC and consoles too, but it has not been confirmed yet for mobile.

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To celebrate the launch of The Bad Seed, you can now grab Dead Cells for 50% off on mobile stores, and this sale ends on 6th April.

Download Dead Cells and play The Bad Seed DLC now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid piece of content for £3.99.