Astrokings crosses over with Stargate in new content partnership

By , on April 29, 2021
Last modified 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Tilting Point has announced a partnership with Metro Goldwyn Mayer to cross over its Astrokings universe with that of Stargate. The update is available now on iOS and Android.

The event runs in Astrokings from today until 26th May, where you can experience the rich world of Stargate within the cosmic MMO conquest of Astrokings. This new crossover event features a narrative that will allow you to purchase and unlock iconic characters from the SG-1 series, including Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal’c, and more.

Stargate has been a staple of science fiction ever since its original debut in 1994 and has received iterations in all manners of media since including film, television, video games, comic books, web series, trading cards and much more. It has sold more than 56 million DVD copies.

On the other hand, Astrokings seems like the perfect thing to cross over with Stargate. It’s an online action game where you build your own starship fleet, customise it with powerful weapons and command it in battle. You fight other players in these big ships, manage futuristic resources and try to become a galactic ruler.

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“The huge scale of ASTROKINGS and its fantastic galaxy-spanning storylines make it a perfect fit with the Stargate universe, which has been inspiring fans for nearly 30 years,” said Samir Agili from Tilting Point. “We’re excited to see the huge player-base experience this special event with their favorite Stargate characters.”

“ASTROKINGS is a thrilling destination for gaming and sci fi fans and we look forward to bringing one of our most popular and enduring properties, Stargate to the game,” added Robert Marick from MGM. “It’s a great opportunity for us to offer a new touchpoint to current fans of the franchise, as well as reach potential new fans.”

Astrokings is available now from the iOS App Store and Google Play. It’s a free to play title containing in-app purchases.