First-person horror game Under: Depths of Fear comes to iOS

By , on April 30, 2021
Last modified 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Rogue Games has announced the release of its immersive first-person horror game Under: Depths of Fear for iOS devices after it had a successful release period on PC last year. The game is now available as a paid title on the iOS App Store.

Under: Depths of Fear puts you into the traumatised mind of Alexander Dockter, a World War I veteran struggling with the atrocities he has seen during the war. He is now aboard an eerie turn of the century ocean liner that is slowly sinking, and if that wasn’t bad enough, there are also a bunch of malicious enemies impeding his escape from the ship who want something from him.

It’s not too often we tend to get these kinds of immersive first-person horror titles available on mobile phones, so it’s great to see Rogue Games take the initiative to bring Under: Depths of Fear to a platform that can now allow you to experience the dark and terrible experience while you’re on the go.

You can watch the trailer for Under: Depths of Fear below. If you’re a fan of big first-person horror games such as SOMA or the Amnesia series like I am, then this game might scratch that same itch.

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Under: Depths of Fear has also recently blown up in popularity on social media platform TikTok, growing attention thanks to its frightening depiction of the sinking ship atmosphere and realistic graphics. It has even garnered content from popular YouTubers such as Hollow and Markiplier, which has only allowed its popularity to grow even more.

Under: Depths of Fear is available to purchase now from the iOS App Store, where it is a paid title that costs $5.99.