Sword of Elipisia, the latest JRPG from Kemco, is available to pre-register now for Android

By , on July 8, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

If you enjoy mobile JRPGs, you're more than likely already familiar with Kemco. They're a developer who releases new games at a fairly frequent rate, and their latest is endeavour is now available to pre-register for Android devices. It's called Sword of Elpisia and follows the story of a girl who has turned into a sword.

A delightfully bizarre premise then and one I'm totally into. Sword of Elpisia takes place in the world of Terra, a civilisation that owes its development to various magic tools. However, there are reports that people have been turned into these tools themselves and the game's hero, Alice, wishes to become a sword to rescue her friends.

She will embark on this adventure with another character called Aldo, who appears to be a human rather than a sentient weapon of some sort. Together they will battle through numerous turn-based battles where you will be able to select up to three weapons to use throughout combat.

Outside of the combat, Sword of Elpisia looks set to deliver the typical JRPG experience you might expect from Kemco. There is a spot of treasure hunting to be done alongside numerous quests, collectable pet buddies and an infinite level cap so you can power up to your heart's content.

There will be a premium and free-to-play version of the game, though Kemco hasn't announced the price. It's worth mention that you will receive 150 Glowstones as a bonus if you opt for the premium version. Meanwhile, the free-to-play edition is supported by adverts, so if the odd interruption doesn't bother you, it's a good choice.

Sword of Elpisia is available to pre-order now over on Google Play. The developers haven't announced a release date just yet, but we can expect it to arrive soon and will update you when we learn more.