Wild Desire review

By , on August 16, 2021
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Empire Studios is very well known for their free-to-play RPG and poker games which are played by millions of people around the globe. They have developed some high-calibre games like Call me a Legend, Call me a Gangsta, and now they have released yet another called Wild Desire. Here is an honest review of this recently released RPG.


Wild Desire mainly consists of an exploration of the Wild West while playing as a cowboy. It is more of an open-world game, and we can play whatever character we want. There are many roles to explore as well as unknown areas to step into. But the fun part is the gun battles with extremely realistic visuals. The basic concept is to defeat enemies and earn coins.


The developers have been consistent with their graphic designs and Wild Desire has a very similar graphical interface to their previous titles. The interactive graphics are also very smooth and responsive. The action graphics are also very immersive and realistic, which is a very integral part of a game to be fun for the players.

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For a mobile game, I think the controls are well optimized. RPGs generally need accurate and highly optimized controls in order to match with the frequency of the gameplay. I believe the controls could be a bit on the smoother side, but it is still manageable. Generally, RPGs being more optimized for PCs/Consoles and require a high amount of adaptability when it comes to the mobile sector. Hence overall, the controls could be on a bit more of the comfortable side.

Reality of RPG

Mobile gaming is the future of the gaming industry, but it comes with its own cons. RPGs are more refined and versatile in consoles and PCs; hence mobile gaming can never reach the level of PC/Console gaming. The real essence of RPGs is only felt in PCs and consoles. Mobile gaming has more players playing FPS and racing games on the go, so RPGs have lagged behind when it comes to mobile gaming, and Wild Desire is no exception.

Final Verdict

Wild Desire is indeed a very good game with immersive graphics, and realistic battles, a pinch of shooter and racing quests in its glory will give the game a huge boost in terms of players and also help the developers gain more popularity and confidence. These types of games are available on the app stores abundantly. hence adding something unique might help in gaining more players.

Wild Desire is available to download on Google Play.