Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s review

By , on August 20, 2021
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Mageeks Apps & Games have been developing realistic simulation games for a long time now. Some of their recent titles have been Truck simulator, Bus simulator, Construction simulator, and Farming pro simulatorOffroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s continues their previous games' structure with customizable vehicles and upgradable parts to achieve a realistic off-roading experience. It might not be the perfect game in this genre, but it has its own perks and secrets.


It is a simulation game; hence the gameplay is quite simple. You need to customize your vehicle to perform various off-roading activities. There are many map locations and terrains where you can test your off-roading beast to its limits. The maps and terrains include mud, dirt, ramps, lakes, rivers, secret villages, observatories, sunken tankers, old mines, and many more. The exploration will keep you away from exiting the game even after long hours of play. One of the main quirks is the realistic physics used in the game, which provides a proper off-roading gameplay experience for accurate turns, landings, and handling. So, go ahead and test your beast to your heart's content.


When it comes to graphics, this game is not the worst, but it is certainly not the best either. The lighting and shadows are not well optimized when compared to the backgrounds. The graphics can be adjusted according to the player's liking, but it won't be up to the mark even at max. The user interface is also very old school type and very similar to old simulation platforms. Overall the graphics are still good enough to make the game playable. I would still hope the developers will update the graphics so that the game can look and perform even better.

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The controls are very similar to that of a racing game. You will find various easy access controls on the left top corner like axel settings, horn, reset, menu, etc. The main car controls are on the bottom and are placed in a very comfortable position. The break and accelerator are placed on the right-hand side of the screen, whereas the direction controls are placed on the left-hand side. Some extra feature controls are also present on the right top side, including the map and gameplay record buttons. A "Forward Direction" indicator is also provided on the top middle of the screen.

Drawback and Negatives

There are quite a few drawbacks that might let down some of the players. One of the main things is the game's graphics, which are not up to the mark. There are quite a few bugs which include controls not responding and sudden game crashes. So overall, the game needs further refinement, and all the bugs need to be solved.


This is a very good simulation game in many aspects, but it needs a bit more refinement. Like any other simulation game, Offroad PRO packs a very good off-road simulation experience with its own set of positives and negatives. But apart from all the drawbacks, this game packs a fun experience overall, and the players will definitely love to spend some time off-roading on their device.

Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


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