Super Factory-Tycoon review

By , on August 21, 2021
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Super Factory Tycoon is yet another fun simulation game by Kwai Games where you take control of a start-up factory and build it into a mega-successful super factory. A major part of the gameplay is automated, which means since machines do most of the work in factories, little human effort is required. So the gameplay in Factory Typhoon emulates this concept and lets you make good decisions that will benefit the factory.

Your job is to hire staff, upgrade equipment, handle the factory’s finance and manage the importation and exportation of goods, as well as building product lines that’ll keep the factory up and running. This article gives a detailed review of Super Factory Tycoon, and after hours of gameplay, here are our thoughts.


Great Looking Interface

The developers really did a good job with the game’s overall interface by giving it a factory-like appearance that looks very captivating with a variety of equipment and items scattered all over the factory. From the first time playing this game, you already get a tingly feeling that it’s going to be a fun run simply from the factory setting, as not all factory simulation games offer such an interface.

Good Graphics

The game offers three graphic quality settings to choose from, and if you set it to the highest quality, the game’s visuals become incredibly sharp with an excellent 3D feel. The game’s elegant colours are matched with shiny items and workaholic machines that never stop working, giving it a touch of realism.

The movement of the factory machines and employees is also well crafted to look as real as it can once they get up and running to keep the factory going. Other areas such as the offices, vehicles, and neighbouring buildings are beautifully designed as well, giving the game a stylish and realistic design.

Awesome in-game Music and Sound

We recommend playing this game with headphones or a device with stereo speakers due to its enjoyable in-game music and soundtrack. There is a sound for most activities, such as the satisfying sound of revenue coming in, upgrading items, buying a new production line, or accepting investor offers.

This sound is backed up by satisfying background music that plays throughout the game. Players will definitely want to use headphones for the best experience.

Good Controls

Factory Typhoon presents players with good controls that don’t have you struggling with a button or movement stick as you try to click a particular area in the game. The game controls are rather simple and easy to get used to as it mostly just involves moving the screen with one finger and tapping with another.

There are no buttons placed on the screen, which gives you access to pretty much everything you need by simply clicking the area on the screen.

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The Ads are annoying

Like most mobile games nowadays, Factory Typhoon is a free-to-play game with Ads that don’t go away until you pay real money. In this game there are no Ads during the gameplay, which means the game doesn’t automatically pause itself just to display an Ad and then lets you get back to playing afterwards.

Ads come up in the case where you want to accept an investor’s offer to invest. You must watch an Ad to accept offers that take about 30 seconds, and getting offers from Investors is a frequent feature in this game. This means in order to enjoy the game without having to watch Ads every time you want to accept an offer, you might actually have to skip some of the investor’s offers which isn’t always good for business. Ads also come up when you want to speed up the upgrade time if you’re low on cash to use instead.

In-Out Camera zooming should be improved

The game’s camera allows you to zoom in on activities quite well, but the issue is zooming out to get a good view of your factory from afar. You can’t do that in this game, and you’re only left with a minimal view of your factory, which shows you a couple of offices and halls, still doesn’t compare to being able to view the whole factory by simply zooming out farther.

This is an important feature that we hope will be implemented in the game’s future updates and give players a great view of their factory from above because right now, players cannot view all production lines by zooming out the camera. The most you can view is three out of up to seven production lines.

Takes way too long to build new production lines

Unless you spend a ton of cash or constantly watch Ads, it takes a while to get new production lines up and running even after paying for them. Other equipment tends to take lesser time, and while it is understandable if the production lines take longer to complete, the cash required to speed up the progress is too much as well.

The duration of new production lines should be reduced to allow players to get to running and managing it fast. Or at least make lessen the amount of cash required to speed up the time.


Super Factory Tycoon is a fun and exciting factory simulation game that’ll most likely glue you to your phone’s screen for hours on end. It puts you into a beautiful-looking factory and makes you the boss of everything. While the in-game Ads can be a bit much, and we’re still not thrilled about the camera limitation, these setbacks don’t really take away anything from the captivating experience that Factory Typhoon offers.

Another good thing about the game is that it allows players to play offline. Logging into the game requires an internet connection, but once gameplay commences, you can simply turn off data and play offline while still building your factory. Super Factory Tycoon is funny, captivating, and coupled with rich soundtracks to go along.

Super Factory Tycoon is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.