Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 announced in collaboration with Samsung

By , on August 27, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks ago

Last year, Fortnite held the Galaxy Cup in collaboration with Samsung, and this year it's having a second season, named Galaxy Cup 2.0. As per Epic Games' announcement, this tournament gives players a chance to get their hands on the Galaxy Grappler skin, Vortexual Wrap, and the Hands of the Galaxy back bling. In addition to that, players are also given a chance to receive Llamalaxy Spray on August 29, 2021, by getting more than 20 points.

Galaxy Cup 2.0 Participation:

The Galaxy Cup 2.0 is available for Android devices only, and as mentioned, it will feature galaxy-themed skins and in-game accessories. This time, instead of the Battle Royale mode, it will be held in Arsenal time-limited game mode and in the solo mode.

The participants have 3 hours on August 29, 2021 to complete a total of 25 matches in this specific game mode to obtain points. After completion of the 25 matches and the 3 hours time period, the final score of a player will be pitched against all the players of that particular region to decide a winner among all those who participated.

The reason behind choosing Arsenal mode for the Galaxy Cup 2.0 instead of the regular battle royale mode is its popularity and shorter matches. In this mode, players start with a weapon in their hands, and it gets switched after each successful elimination until they have the Fortnite Pickaxe in their hands.

Galaxy Cup 2.0 Point System:

Each elimination provides players with one point, and winning the match can get you seven additional points along with elimination points. There is also one point by default for joining the match.

Epic Games has also made sure that those who do not participate in the Galaxy Cup are still able to get some rewards. For that, they have announced that the players will get the chance to purchase these exclusive skins and items later from the in-game shop after the Galaxy Cup 2.0 ends, but no exact date is announced as of now.

Fortnite is available to download on the Samsung Galaxy Store and through