Assetto Corsa Mobile is a racing simulation premium game released for iOS devices

By , on September 1, 2021
Last modified 1 week, 4 days ago

Developed by Digital Tales and published by 505 Games, the popular racing simulation Assetto Corsa Mobile is now available for iOS devices. As the name itself suggest, it is the mobile version of the Assetto Corsa PC game and is all set to deliver an unparalleled driving experience in the palm of your hands.

In Assetto Corsa Mobile, players get their hands on 6 different game modes. They start with learning the basics of the game and test the skills in Classic Race. Furthermore, learn to manoeuvre around opponents in Overtake, hone consistency in Endurance, best lap time in Time Attack, and strive for pure velocity in Speed Camera.

The game offers 59 officially licensed race cars and speeds down 9 different circuits. The Assetto Corsa PC version clearly directly inspired the choices of circuits. The different tracks of the game come with different times of the day and weather conditions such as rain challenges even the most seasons racers. The developers have beautifully optimized the controls to race even in rainy weather. The tilt functionality, acceleration assist, and touchpad controls work really great.

In celebration of Assetto Corsa's mobile version release, 505 Games partnered with some best racing car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati to provide players with a white-knuckle racing experience. The Assetto Corsa franchise also has a great history of challenges and realism as they have also partnered with professional drivers like Charles LeClerc and Valentino Rossi.

Concluding Remarks

Assetto Cors Mobile is a perfect move by the franchise to secure a space in the simulation world. The popular racing title is now released worldwide on the iOS App Store as a premium title with a price tag of $4.99.