Doomsday of Dead review - RPG Sweetness!

By , on September 5, 2021
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Doomsday of Dead is a mind-blowing game developed by 4399en game. Everyone likes to kill zombies, and this is a game that takes it to the next level. You have to strategize your survival techniques and beware of the upcoming dangers. One mistake, and you will have to go back to the drawing board so that you survive the next wave. Let's talk about the game, its aesthetics, and gameplay mechanics in detail.


This is a 'Role Playing Game' where the main aspects are planning, survival, and strategic battles to progress. In the beginning, you come across a small scene that explains how the human population was pushed to the brink of extinction, but the survivors managed to unite yet struggled to survive. This gives the player a basic idea of how the game will progress in terms of story. The major thing to do will be to battle the "creatures" with your character's help. Upgrade your character and resources to win battles quickly. So overall, the gameplay is very interesting, and there won't be a single dull moment as long as you know the key aspects of the game.

Graphics and GUI

The graphics in the game are not mind-blowing, but at the same time, they are also not very bad. You won't be seeing any high-end lighting, shadows, etc., as the game works on a basic TPP gameplay model. The animations are also basic and repetitive, so there are no complicated renders. You won't be very impressed with the GUI, but still, it is playable. The overall graphics feel quite old, so a tad bit of modern graphics would help in terms of great visuals.

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Controls and Accessibility

The controls are extremely simple in this game. You just have to control your character for directional movement. You get an on-screen analogue stick to control the movement of your character. The shooting happens automatically as soon as the enemy appears in front of your character. Power through rooms while controlling your character effectively throughout.


The main drawback of this game is the old-school game mechanics. It would have been exciting if the game had something new compared to that of similar games. The storyline is also somewhat similar to games of the same genre.


Overall the game is good in terms of storyline and gameplay. There are character upgrades and various quests so the player won't be bored. Some uniqueness in the game would be very helpful for the game to reach a greater audience. Improved graphics with modern standards would also help players enjoy the game to the fullest. So don't forget to slay all the zombies and survive the massacre!

Doomsday of Dead is available to download on the Google Play Store