Essential Intel: Royal Match

By , on September 9, 2021
Last modified 1 week ago

Royal Match is an exciting game released by Dream Games Ltd. It belongs to the 'puzzle' genre of games and lives up to it. You will need to really think about your strategies because there are limitations in chances; hence it becomes even more challenging. Here, we'll discuss how the game is on an overall basis and review it in terms of key aspects and gameplay experience.


This game is all about puzzles and planning. You need to match the same color sequence objects on the board in order to get a perfect score and earn rewards. You have to match three or more colored objects in order to reach the desired task, which will enable you to progress your level. You have a move limit; hence you need to complete tasks within the given movement limit, and sometimes there will be time limits also. The higher your level, the more difficult it will become to complete tasks. You will also have bonus levels that will help you earn more rewards and bonuses to buy items and upgrades.

Graphics and GUI

The graphics of the game are excellent for this genre. There is no need for things to look realistic because everything is very cartoon-like. The game is filled with interesting animations, and there will be absolutely no lag or stutters while playing the game, provided you are running it on a fairly optimized smartphone. In terms of optimization, this game has not left out any corners. The interface is also very informative and user-friendly, and you won't get confused about what's happening in front of you. On average, the graphics are very good, and there is no flaw when it comes to the GUI as well.

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Controls and Accessibility

The game works on the 'click and play' control concept. You don't need to do anything except click or drag wherever necessary. There is nothing complicated, and everything is accessible only via clicking the respective tabs or in-game items. You can access all your special items, too, just by tapping on the bottom tab during a level where your special items are displayed. Overall the controls are very much optimized and easy to use.


There are almost no drawbacks when it comes to general gameplay. The only thing is game optimization for low-end devices. It would be very generous of the developers if they tune the game or provide some specific settings for low-end devices so that people with all kinds of devices can enjoy this game.


Overall the game is excellent. You won't notice time passing, and there is absolutely no dull moment while playing it. There are many puzzles out there, but this one stands out because of its excellent gameplay experience. So go ahead and check this game out and put your brains to work by finishing tasks within the move limit.

Royal Match is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.