Hungry Shark Evolution: Beginner's guide, basic tips and tricks to progress faster

By , on September 12, 2021
Last modified 5 days, 1 hour ago

Ubisoft Entertainment's Hungry Shark Evolution, an offline survival game, is perfect for you if you love both diving and exploring underwater scenery. It comes with great music and graphics, which will no doubt pique your interest.

We wanted to share a beginner's guide with some basic tips and tricks to make it easier for the players who are just starting the game. This guide will detail precisely what you need to get a head start. Let's begin.

1. Do not go near the shore

When you are hunting fish and humans, don't go too near the shores as the humans will not simply come into the water if they see the shark, this reduces your options for prey. The humans give much more nutrition than the fish; if you want to progress faster, you will have to feed on more humans as they help you increase your level and shark size at a faster rate.

2. Complete the missions

While taking in the view, don't forget to complete the missions. Completing them will boost your progress. The missions are very easy. First, have a look at the missions to be completed before starting the round. It should be quite easy for you to complete 4-5 missions in one go, as you will specifically know what you need to do. Don't leave it up to chance.

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3. Upgrade your shark's abilities

While playing, you will notice that the enemy sharks are stronger and faster than most things in the game, so to compete with them you have to upgrade the skills of your shark. Increase your shark's speed, bitting, and power. You can easily upgrade your skills by using coins, with the options for that in the main menu. Upgrading the shark will increase your hunting skills, and your progress will be much faster.

4. Keep distance from seals

While hunting and eating prey, don't forget that there are some fishes that you cannot eat and some that will eat you. While hunting, keeps an eye for seals as if you go near them, they will eat you, and your round will be over. They are much stronger than your shark so, avoid them as much as possible. Also, look out for jellyfish, if you keep all this in mind, your progress will be faster, and you can play the round for a longer time.

5. Use gems wisely

Gems are very rare in the game, don't use them unnecessarily as they will be very, very helpful for faster progress in a tricky situation. Before using gems, think twice as wasting them can be a problem. Use them to buy equipment, better sharks, and upgrades. Try to buy sharks available on offers as it will give you better upgrades quicker.

That's all for this guide. With the tips and tricks we shared, you will be able to jump-start your progress and catch the players who played well ahead of you. Again, remember that patience and hard work are the basic requirements for fast progress. We hope you learned a lot from our guide. If there are some additional tips and tricks you know which you want to share as well, don't hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Hungry Shark Evolution is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.