Arena of Valor 4.0 Update to bring Map Rework and New Rank System among other changes

By , on September 22, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Arena of Valor is a famous MOBA game developed by Tencent Games and Garena. For their 5th anniversary, they are bringing an incredible new 4.0 update which includes map changes, UI changes, and many more. So let's dive right into the update news.

AOV 4.0 Update Release Date:

The update has already been released in Taiwan. Although the official release date hasn't been announced for the remaining countries.

Map Rework

The battlefield has been evolved with the introduction of PBR 2.0. The AOV 4.0 battlefield has also been developed and looks better than anything before; it will bring refreshing buildings, grounds, and rivers for better graphics. The new battleground coming with this update includes epic monsters, stylish new environments, and gameplay.

The newest feature includes the day-night system. Players can now experience day to night shifts on the battlefield. At night, it will become more challenging by the strength of minions. Well, more hard work means more rewards, so players will experience more experience and gold during nightfall.

The laning experience with adjacent brush and defense tower position has also been improved along with other updates. Additionally, the update will relocate the Spirit Sentinel on the map's river along the Dark Slayer lane. This will allow players to have more control in the slayer lane, and skirmishes will also be more interesting.

Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer Rework

The graphics of the two most powerful monsters (Abyssal Dragon and the Dark Slayer) have become more active and appealing. This has been done to emphasize the contrast between the good and bad forces in the game.

The Abyssal Dragon will rise from lightness with a golden and white color scheme. Some special looks like curved gold horns, a set of wings, and many more have been added. On the other hand, the Dark Slayer will represent evil with pair of white horns. The purple color reassembles the storm dragon from Honor of Kings.

Meanwhile, during mid-game or the 15-minute mark, the Abyssal Dragon will evolve into Holy Dragon while the Slayer will become Dark Slayer. Killing both monsters will grant teams new buffs.

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Battlefield Update

The AOV 4.0 update will also bring 'Teamwork,' which will grant players 40% extra gold and experience with their teammates. It will force junglers to be nicer and participate in the team battles.

Shutting down an enemy-killing streak will also give you a small gold reward to make an epic comeback. Now players can also see when they are hitting their enemies.

New Rank

A new Supreme Conqueror rank will be added with this update. Players who collect 50 stars in the Conqueror rank will be promoted to Supreme Conqueror. 

Optimized Ban Pick Process

A new segment has been added where players can communicate with their heroes' preferences more conveniently. As the number of heroes is increasing, players can ban a total of six different heroes on both sides.

Increased Brave Points cap

Additionally, the cap of Brave Points at different tiers has been increased from three to five times to prevent star reduction in ranked games.

Different ranks can queue together

The lobby has also been divided into two initial tiers. In this system, players can create rooms and invite players with high and low ranks to play together.

Arena of Valor is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.