Netflix added three new games in its membership catalogue after Stranger Things games

By , on September 30, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Netflix, a dominant figure in the movie and TV streaming space, is continuing to branch out into mobile gaming. Netflix revealed 2 Stranger Things games in August 2021 as part of their membership service for Android users in Poland. Netflix service is now fleshing out to Italy and Spain with new games.

Netflix’s Game Service roster gets an addition of three new casual titles

This time, three new games are being added for the Netflix members residing in Poland, Italy, and Spain. These video games aren’t associated or primarily based on TV Shows or Movies like the previous Stranger Things games; rather, they are casual games. Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up, and Card Blast are the three games that have been released on the app.

The users will be glad to know that the games will be available at no extra cost apart from the standard membership fees, and the feature will be available on the Netflix app. Users will be redirected to the games on the Play Store app from Netflix. Users can then log in with their Netflix credentials and enjoy the games with an ad-free experience and without any in-app purchases.

Additionally, users in Spain and Italy can try out the Stranger Things games already available to Polish users.

This truly looks like the right course for Netflix, considering their movie and streaming space achievements. Game services aren’t exceptional services offered these days, such as Xbox Game Pass offered by Microsoft; however, Netflix ought to make an effect as well.

As the service is in inception, the regions it provides to are limited. However, if it gets exposure, it is sure to reach other regions and iOS too.


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