Sin Chronicle is an upcoming mobile RPG teased at Tokyo Game Show 2021

By , on October 2, 2021
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Following SEGA's first teaser of a mysterious mobile RPG, a new free-to-play game, Sin Chronicle, was revealed on October 1, 2021, at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 during SEGA and Atlus' live stream. The game's idea was pitched around how it is not dependant on gacha systems, instead, at its core, there is a heavy emphasis on its plot, characters, cast, gameplay, and dark fantasy elements.

An Overview

As a new instalment in the Chain Chronicle franchise (as promoted by SEGA) this RPG is a "true role-playing game" in which players pick their path. Each character has a backstory, and the alliances that players form influence the ending. Each 10-hour chapter features climactic moments where the players have to make critical decisions that cannot be reversed.

Sin Chronicle takes place in the world of Heldra, a planet swallowed by the ever-expanding abyss: the Naraku. As the darkness grows and monsters emerge, the player and the Boundary Knights will confront the danger to try to protect and save the world. Players will be able to select between Sera and Chloe, two renowned Boundary Knights. Be careful with your choice, as you can pick only a limited number of knights to play with for the rest of the game!

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Although the turn-based RPG gameplay is very similar to Chain Chronicle, it does not continue the storyline. Instead, it is a different experience with its gameplay and plot. So, even if you haven't played Chain Chronicle, you can still enjoy the game.

This mobile RPG was teased with a trailer released back in September 2021, which was quickly followed by the introduction of an official teaser website. It also featured a brief glimpse of one of Sin Chronicle's significant sceneries and locations. The teaser trailer for the game was shown during the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

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Sin Chronicles' Global Release Date?

Pre-registration for Japan is now open, while the local release date for iOS and Android devices is December 15, 2021. A sign-up is required to participate in the closed beta until October 7, 2021, which will take place from October 14 to 21, 2021. A global release date is yet to be confirmed.