Pokemon Unite gets new ranged attacker SYLVEON

By , on October 7, 2021
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Get ready for intense battles, as Sylveon has been introduced to Pokémon Unite! As a Ranged Attacker who is ready to stare its opponents down, this Pokémon starts each battle as an Eevee and, after reaching Lvl. 4, evolves into Sylveon.

How Sylveon gains power after evolution?

After every third strike, Eevee's basic attack turns into a boosted attack, delivering more damage after further strikes. The enhanced basic attacks of Eevee improve its movement speed temporarily when it evolves into Sylveon. With Ability Adaptability from the start, Eevee's Special attack magnifies whenever it delivers or absorbs damage for a brief instant. After evolving into a Sylveon, its Adaptability turns Pixilate, thus temporarily boosting Sylveon's Special Attack and Special Defense in the same way.

Movesets of Sylveon in Pokémon Unite

Level 1 and 2

Eevee learns the Swift and Baby-Doll Eyes at this level.

  • Swift: Swift is an attack that deals damage to opponent Pokémon by shooting star-shaped rays at them.
  • Baby-Doll Eyes: While using Baby-Doll Eyes, Eevee stares at the opponent Pokémon, causing damage and temporarily slowing the rival Pokémon's offensive power and mobility.

Level 4

Swift is enhanced into one of two moves as Eevee evolves into Sylveon at this level.

  • Mystical Fire: Mystical Fire allows Sylveon to produce four tiny flames while heading in a certain direction. When the flames hit an enemy Pokémon, it deals damage and reduces the opposing Pokémon's Special attack for a short period. The cooldown time for this move reduces each time a flame strikes. Improvements can be made to this attack to add one more flame to the mix.
  • Hyper Voice: When used, Hyper Voice emits a series of sound waves that cause damage as they strike. The damage delivery increases as the target moving away from Sylveon. At each hit of the sound wave, the damage afflicted by the following sound wave grows. Similar to Mystical Fire, this move may be improved to grow the number of sound waves by one.

Level 6

Sylveon's Baby-Doll Eyes may be enhanced into:

  • Draining Kiss: While using Draining Kiss, Sylveon blows a kiss at an opponent Pokémon. Multiple kisses are exchanged between Sylveon and the opponent Pokémon. While the kiss replenishes Sylveon's HP at the touch, it works contrastingly on the enemy, striking damage to it as well as temporarily reducing its mobility. The draining kiss may also be improved to replenish more health to Sylveon.
  • Calm Mind: Calm Mind causes Sylveon to peacefully focus its mind and soothe its soul to temporarily improve its Special attack, Special defense, and movement speed. When Sylveon upgrades Calm Mind, it can completely negate any damage done by an enemy Pokémon. This nullification can occur only once per use of Calm Mind, so if positive, Sylveon acquires a shield.

Unite moveset of Sylveon in Pokémon Unite

Fairy Frolic is Sylveon's Unite Move learned at Lvl. 8 that allows Sylveon to stay briefly unstoppable while leaping into the air. As it lands, it strikes damage to the enemy Pokémon in the area of effect while regenerating its own HP. A portion of Sylveon's damage after that is converted into his HP for Sylveon's benefit.